Marta Mena
Professor and Educational Sciences graduate. Pedagogical Assistant. Director of Ongoing Teachers Training Program, Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. Professor of Technology of Education Master´s degree. University of Salamanca, Spain. Consultant and Assessor of Educational Programs: BID, Banco Mundial, OEA, UNESCO, FAO, National and International foundations, CONEAU, Departments of Education of Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. Vice-president, Latin America & the Caribbean for ICDE - UNESCO. Educational books and articles writer.

Dr. Juan Meléndez Alicea
Dr. Juan Meléndez Alicea is a founding member of the OFDP in Puerto Rico. He was president of the Communications and Educational Technology Association of Puerto Rico and investigator & director of an automated library of the Universidad Metropolitana de San Juan. His doctoral thesis dealt with the “Distance Education and the development of the thought ". Nowadays, he acts as professor of the Faculty of Education of the Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras.

Dr. Angel Humberto Facundo Díaz
Dr. Angel Humberto Facundo Díaz is an expert in development of programs and de  high distance education pedagogy; he was A Rector of the Fundación Universitaria Los libertadores (Bogota - Colombia), Advisor for the Director of the ICFES, General Manager for "Araracuara" Corporation of Research and development. It counts with more than 20 years of experience as an international consultant in both quality and education areas;  high distance Education; working for entities as UNESCO, IESALC, PMA, USDA, the Vice-department of High Education, Science and Technology of Bolivia, amongst others. He also has wide experience as an international conference speaker, conferences, seminars and academic national and international events organizer,  networks and professional associations and as publisher and writer, having published in prestigious magazines of high distance Education of Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela.

Dra. Sara Isabel Perez

Academic Secretary of the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (UNQ). She was Director of the “Universidad Virtual de Quilmes” program (2003-2008). She is a Doctor in Linguistic and Professor of UNQ from 2001. She supervised investigations about communication and educational practices in virtual environments and distance education in Argentina, as well as in discourse analysis and multimodal semiotic. She has taken part in national and international congresses referred to this topic (UOC, Barcelona; IT JOINS, USQ and UCQ, Australia; FLACSO, Mexico  amongst  others).