Universidad Nacional de Quilmes

The Universidad Nacional de Quilmes is an institution of public education. It was created on 23 October, 1989 by Law No. 23,749 of the Honorable Congreso de la Nación and member of the group of national universities based in Buenos Aires.

It was opened in 1991 and was standardized on 12 December 1992. It is located in the south of Gran Buenos Aires, in the town of Bernal, Municipality of Quilmes, and its radius of influence includes the municipalities of Quilmes, Berazategui, Florencio Varela, Avellaneda, Lanús and Almirante Brown, a region in which they live three million people, which accounts for 20% of industrial establishments in the country.

It has 21 undergraduate programs and 9 graduate programs on Social Sciences, and Science and Technlogy. The student population is about 14.000.

The mission  of the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes is the production, education and diffusion of knowledge of the highest level in a climate of equality and plurality.

The functions of the University are teaching, research, social activities, staff development and technological innovation, productive innovation and  the promotion of the culture.