UNESCO in its declaration at the 2009 World Conference on Higher Education: The New Dynamics of Higher Education and Research for Societal Change and Development considers higher education as a public benefit based on innovation, research and creativity.
The growing social responsibility of Higher Education insititutions compromises univesities to develop new strategies and new approaches to enable them face technological and social changes.
Divertsity, quality, reseach, development, access and equity are key elements that will have to lead actors'actions in the educational processes.
Distance education and TIC become in this context central tools to respond to local, regional, national and international demands. 
In this context, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes wishes to call an international meeting of chancellors, experts, researchers and higher education students intersted in these issues aiming at generating a context open to debate, cooperation, scientific and academic production at a regional level.

International conference ICDE 2011, UNQ, Argentina
April 14 -15, 2011

ICDE promotes intercultural cooperation, international collaboration, support and development of networks at national, regional, global leveles and within groups of lingusitic affinity. It aslo aims at providing a space in which individulas, corporations, institutions, goverments, and associations can participate in professional interaction in the field of flexible learning.
2011 ICDE International Conference proposes to put into practice keynote speakers and experts panels in which academics and referents in this field will work on general issues. In addition, specialists and researchers are invited to participate in a space open to debate and analysis through the presentation of papers on the proposed subjects.