Conference Topics

1.    Equity and access to Higher Education: distance education in XXI. Education and information society. Local, national, and global strategies for the inclusion of technology in higher education.  Latin American policies for distance education at universities. Regulations for distance education.  Quality standards. Consortia, networks and accreditation agencies. National and international agencies.

2.    Institutional and technological innovation and the management of distance education. Institutional and academic management for distance education. Institutional models for distance education management. Quality perspectives in distance education programs. Technological innovations. Debates on the selection of free or proprietary software. Intervenient variables in the selection and/or the development of environments for distance education. Technological platforms and learning environments. Experiences of institutional, national and international cooperation in higher education. 

3.    Technological changes and educational processes: ICT and teaching and learning practices. Issues regarding teaching and the construction of knowledge in distance education. The potentials of ICT for mediated teaching. Characteristics of distance education students. Communication processes. The cultural forms of literacy. Digital literacy, multimodal literacy and multiple literacies. The potentials of digital television for distance education.  Teaching strategies and teachers´ decisions. Design and use of teaching materials for distance education. Assessment processes mediated by technology. Evaluation and accreditation of students learning.