Louise Bertrand was a General manager of Télé-université, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada. He is a specialist in Administration and Management of universities. Recently published the book "Renouveler l'Université" (Laval's Presses Universitaires, 2010).  In his last publication she thinks about the University, the technologies of the information and the communication, and the distance education from his experience of 25 years as teacher, manager and authority. The book seeks to answer how to renew the University?.
This book contributes to the reflection on what the university will have to transform. According to the authoress the route of the future is in the possibility of a hybridization in name of the quality of the education and the learning of the students, in order to guarantee the perpetuity of the university.



Frida Díaz Barriga Arceo is mexican, she holds a PhD in Pedagogy and she's titular teacher of the Faculty of Psychology of the UNAM. It belongs to the Investigators' National System. For invitation of the Organization of Latin-American States (OEI) it forms a part of the Equipment of Latin-American Experts in Education and TIC. His areas of investigation and teaching understand development and evaluation of the curriculum, psychology instruccional, evaluation and educational formation, constructivismo and education in top education.
Between the recent books that it has published as authoress or co-author they find Evaluation of the teaching (Paidós, 2001), educational Strategies for a significant learning (McGraw Hill, 2002; 2010), placed Education (McGraw Hill, 2006), To learn to learn (Angels, 2007), I Affect of the evaluation the top Mexican education (ANUIES, 2008), To learn and to teach with TIC in top education, contributions of the socioconstructivismo (UNAM, 2009).


Begoña Gros Salvat holds a PhD in Pedagogy. She has been a lecturer at the University of Barcelona since 1988 and holds the Advanced Research accreditation from the AQU (2004). In recent years, she has supervised research at the Faculty of Education Sciences (2001-2003) and has been head of research at the Institute for Education Sciences at the University of Barcelona (2004-2007).
She has participated in a number of research and innovation projects at national level (R+D Programme of the Ministry for Education and Science, MQD of the Catalan Regional Government, etc.) and at international level (Fifth Framework Programme, E-learning Programme, Minerva). She sits on a number of scientific committees of national and international journals (International Journal of Web Based Communities, Educational Research and Development, etc.). She has published a number of papers on virtual learning environment design and materials for university teaching.
She is currently the primary researcher of the research group set up by the Catalan Regional Government Environments and materials for learning (EMA). Her specialisation focuses on studying the integration of information and communication technologies in education and learning.


Fredric Litto is recently retired after thirty-six years as professor of communications at the University of São Paulo, where he founded and directed, from 1989 to 2006, the "School of the Future", a self-sustaining laboratory consisting of some 70 researchers/producers of digital learning materials, clustering principally in the areas of school-based virtual learning communities; digital open-content multimedia repositories of humanistic material for learners in Portuguese, and learning objects in science education used annually by over two million young and adult learners.
He is currently in a fourth term as president of the Brazilian Association for Distance Education, a learned society of 2,600 professionals, and a member of the Executive Committee of the ICDE-International Council for Open and Distance Learning. His research interests at present center on Open Educational Resources.
Affiliation : Associação Brasileira de Educação a Distância-ABED



Manuel Moreno Castañeda is General manager of the System of Virtual University of the University of Guadalajara. Teacher from 1964 in all the educational levels, specially in distance education and in teachers' formation from 1975. Adviser for projects of distance education in Mexico and other countries. From 1992 to the date it has organized 16 international meetings of distance education.
It has recovered diverse honorary appointments as: The Executive Director of the ECOESAD-Mexico (Common Space of High Distance Education), member of the Scientific Committee for the Academic Program of the World Conferences of Distance Education of the International Council for Distance Education in Vienna, Hagen and Hong Kong. And in the year 2004 it received the recognition of the National Association of Universities and Institutions of High Education as promoter of the distance education in Mexico. Between his writings they stand out: New educational scenes; To learn to live together through the diversity, The distance education in Latin America, New courses for the education and The learning also it has his history. From this April 28, it gets out of a jam itself as president of the Virtual Latin-American Campus. (CAVILA CLASSROOM)